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ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: The story begins with a couple who experience a string of bad luck while on a trip. Select and arrange visual images that express its ending.
 The story must make sense visually, WITHOUT the use of verbal messages.
 You must show a sequence of events—for example, a sunset to symbolize day turning into night, or people walking to signify that they are going somewhere. Please click here to access the storyboard SilvanaCoronado_StoryboardVer2. VIC3400 Visual Design for Globalized Media
PROFESSOR COMMENTS:  Silvana, excellent work! Your selection and arrangement of images show all the action, emotions, and events in the story very clearly without the use of text. Excellent work! I love the scene where the couple empty all the junk out from their hatchback only to find that there is no spare tire, and then they start fighting. Great work!!!
GRADE: 8/8