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rhetorical analysis – vw beetle ad


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: For this paper, you will rhetorically analyze a text of your choosing. Your rhetorical analysis must explain how the text was constructed to impact its audience. You should start by analyzing the images, music, or text of the composition. How did the author use aspects to create a tone/mood? How did the author organize the text to establish appeals to ethos, pathos and/or logos? Is the text meant to be persuasive? What is the text’s purpose or goal? What genre is the text? What is the occasion or reason this text exists? Who is the audience for this text? Be sure that your rhetorical analysis presents a thesis statement (an OPINION in the form of a STATEMENT that needs EVIDENCE to support it). What Course Outcomes Am I Working On? • Apply rhetorical theory through developing an analytical framework; • Analyze rhetorical principles, ideas, or concepts in public or professional texts; • Develop a rhetorical language for thinking broadly about communication; • Use rhetorical theory to inform writing decisions, including issues of style. To read analysis please click here Rhetoric_Analysis_VW_Lemon_Ad_wComments . ENC3371 Rhetoric Practice & Theory. 
PROFESSOR’S COMMENTS: Excellent work, Silvana. While there are a few rough points (mostly noted above in your test), overall this is a strong, thoughtful analysis of the ad and laid out as a persuasive and meaningful argument. Thank you for your obvious work here. For full comments, please click on the link above.
GRADE: 95/100