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defining rhetoric – 3 step project


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: The main purpose for this assignment is to produce a class definition of rhetoric that represents the various viewpoints and ideas of our class. To do this, you will begin by individually writing a 2-page paper that defines rhetoric. You have some latitude in how you complete this 2-page paper. You might write an encomium or an invective. You might also write a dramatic Platonist dialogue between people to illustrate a point. Whatever the approach you choose for the short paper, keep in mind it will be remediated into larger documents through an extended negotiation with your peers. The penultimate goal for is to create a document that can serve as an ongoing theoretical and practical resource for you to use as you continue your education. Personal Paper Definition of Rhetoric_Personal Paper_Rev1 Group of 3 Paper Defining Rhetoric Final_SmallGroup Group of 10 Final Paper Much Ado About Rhetoric_Rev1 Much_Ado_About_Rhetoric_Grade and Comments. ENC3371 Rhetoric Practice & Theory.
PROFESSOR’S COMMENTS: Nice work. A very elegant approach and interesting throughout. There are some missteps, some things overlooked, etc., but overall this is a strong approach to rhetoric that I enjoyed quite a bit. If I were to point to one thing that stood out negatively, it would be how easily/simply you laid out a definition (and not the most nuanced of ones) and how you skimmed over the rich history of definitions and ideas that have given rhetoric its shape today. I assume you wanted to streamline your time/space and you wanted to take a more practical approach– both good ideas –but I’ll admit to missing the history of rhetoric. Aside from that, and a few errors, this was a particularly strong and enjoyable approach. I loved your uses of examples, your clear and easy prose, your overall approach. Well done.
GRADE: 69/75 Content (27/30 points) Organization (18/20 points) Document Design (15/15 points) Mechanics (9/10 points)