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social autism or evolution?


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: Write a paper that analyzes an issue at home, work, or school, or one that occurs generally in civic life from the angle of Marxism, Feminism, Narrative, Visual perspective, Dramatistic, Music, and/or Media-centered Perspective(s). The paper should use research to help support the analysis. Write at least 7 pages Use at least 3-5 primary or secondary sources Use headings to help organize the paper Use research to support your ideas, making deliberate use of the rhetorical principles and theories we’ve discussed in class. Think of how your paper can make strong appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade the audience. How can your paper choose an effective arrangement and style? You might begin the paper with a strong, 2-paragraph introduction. In a 2-paragraph introduction, the author generally starts the first paragraph with an explanation of context and the second paragraph with an explanation of how the context will be studied in the paper. To access the full paper click here Social Autism. ENC3371 Rhetoric Practice & Theory.
PROFESSOR’S COMMENTS: Really intriguing work, Silvana. While I think you try to at points move too fast (not fully developing your claims) or too slow (a bit too much background), overall you raise good points and try to tackle big things in this paper. Your scope is perhaps too big for a paper this size, but I deeply value your efforts and care in this work. Purpose (37/40 points): The author calls the audience’s attention to the issue, analyses the issues from a rhetorical perspective, and uses research to back up the analysis; Context (18/20 points): The project demonstrates a clear sense of the rhetorical situation, including meeting the needs and expectations of the audience; Organization (19/20 points): Purpose is clear for the essay and for each paragraph of the essay; Document Design (10/10 points): The document is designed with the audience in mind and represents information accurately; Mechanics (9/10 points): There are no noticeable spelling or grammar errors.
GRADE: 93/100