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Mexico – power point and brochure


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: Your team, a travel group specializing in group travel to exotic locations, is responsible for creating a presentation to interested clients, who will essentially choose to travel with you…or ‘the other guys.’ Your goal is to inform the group about all the aspects of your chosen travel destination by immersing the group in the culture and communication styles of this country. Your ultimate goal is to make the class feel as if we are a part of the culture you are presenting through visual and auditory sensations. This will require you to use decorations, and possibly even incorporate music, food, and even language. You also must include a visual element (photos via POWERPOINT, PREZI, possibly a promotional video, etc. to accompany the presentation). Also, know about the CUSTOMS of the country. And it is permissible to have the class (potential travel group) do just about anything you want us to do—we can take off our shoes, sit on the floor, dance, go out of the classroom…BE CREATIVE! Each group has 40 minutes-1 hour to present. You want to use all of this time and not run short. Everyone in the group must talk for equal amounts of time. PresentationMexico Rev2 Brochure mexico_brochure_Rev2. COM3461 Intercultural Communication.
GRADES: 150/150