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intercultural understanding paper


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of how cultural beliefs, values, norms, and practices influence communication in a 1200-1500 word paper. Task: You have been assigned four regions of the world. Choose one country from each region to discuss the corresponding concept as outlined by the assignment provided in class Intercultural Communication. COM3461 Intercultural Communications
PROFESSOR’S COMMENTS: Love your heading! Very nice support in your introduction/great set-up and explanation of globalization and its’ effects on cultural awareness. Nice job setting up each section. Great personal experiences related to values/Guatemala section. Nice examples of cultural norms. Your graphic illustrations are superbly integrated…what a fun document to read! Great concluding remarks…excellent paper! I enjoyed reading your paper so much…it was an excellent mix of good information and creativity! If you have a moment, would you mind emailing me a copy so I have can use it as an example for future classes? I would really appreciate it! Kate Montero
GRADE: 100/100