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com3461 intercultural communication



This course will examine the similarities and differences among cultures with regard to norms, values, and practices in verbal and nonverbal communication.  The purpose of this course is to focus on issues of intercultural and international communication relating to: 1) concepts of “nationalism” and their relationship to personal identity in a globalized culture; 2) minority/underserved populations within a country and their connections to corporate investment; 3) the effects if stereotyping; and (4) the relationship between culture and identity.


Catherine (Kate) Montero earned an M.A. in Communication, with a broadcast media track, from Barry University in Miami Shores.  Throughout her ten years as a high school digital media instructor in Broward County, she was named Broward Teen News Teacher of the Year twice, and was awarded the ING Unsung Heroes Grant for ‘Outstanding Educational Project.’ Her documentary exploring the notion of personal fulfillment, Scenes From Sunrise, has shown at the Indie Can Film Festival in Ontario, Canada, and at the L-Dub Festival in Lake Worth, FL.  Ms. Montero has taught courses in video production and speech at Barry University and Broward College.  She is currently teaching Business and Professional Communication (COM 3110) and Public Speaking (SPC 2608) in the Communication Arts Department at Florida International University.