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Rhetoric Practice & Theory surveys classical to contemporary western rhetorical theory as a means to better understand and effectively engage with discourse practices at school, work, and other local or technological environments. As a gateway to skillful writing practice, rhetorical theory informs many of the decisions writers make on a daily basis. Students will investigate and inform their own writing choices with an emphasis on civic life, looking at how issues of power impact writing practices. Our focus on civic discourse gives students an opportunity to investigate rhetorical theory as it impacts their daily experiences in meaningful ways. Throughout the course, students will analyze a range of conversations and issues from a rhetorical standpoint and come to learn more about productively participating in civic life and practical writing situations.


Professor Vernon Dickson joined Florida International University in the fall of 2007, having recently completed his Ph.D. in English at Arizona State University with a dual focus in Renaissance literature and rhetorical studies.  He is currently researching and writing a monograph exploring social and rhetorical theories and practices of imitation and emulation primarily through their enactment on the English Renaissance stage and examining their cultural significance in the often touted age of imitation—several aspects of which he has presented as papers at international, national, and regional conferences.  Professor Dickson is an active member of the Shakespeare Association of America and the Rhetoric Society of America.  He has published articles related to Shakespeare, the Renaissance, rhetorical theory, exemplarity, and emulation in Renaissance Quarterly, Studies in English Literature, and The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America.